This page is obsolete and kept as-is for historical reasons (you know, cool URIs don't change), but the mentioned activities of this circle of friends are... discontinued in this form.

Open Source meetup, every even Tuesday

A hands-on Open Source gathering every 14 days in Malmö, Sweden. If you are a (coder|programmer|software engineer|hacker|developer), this is for you.

The location might change per-event, but the past meetings have had <8 people so Hypergene has lent us a conference room. If we get larger, we get a new place. You’ll be notified. See a map to Hypergene’s office or a Google map.

We use an Upcoming group for publishing event details. Quite practical. Join the Facebook group if you like.

What we’re about

Bring your laptop. And your project that you want to work on, like “I need to get started using Git” or “There’s this memory leak, and I need to use Valgrind to fix it”, or “Those PHP loops could be iterators, I need to do that”.

So, here is a space, some people to meet, and some time set aside for doing Open Source stuff.

Let’s us local folks meet up and hack together!

Get in touch

Email Olle Jonsson, (In case Upcoming’s interface is a hassle, or you’re allergic to the Web.)

Previous meetups

At previous meetups, we’ve been socializing & making things, examining NodeBox, and Processing, and watching Commodore 64 demos (with insightful commentary). We’ve talked about text search with the Apache Lucene stack. And one guy set up his MacPorts . A Trac plugin is being made.

May 27: Hackmeetup #8 in Malmö

Olle blogged about it.

May 13: Copenhagen!

The May 13 meeting was hosted by Michael of Copenhagen Ruby Brigade, at CopyGene offices.

Olle went, everyone else stayed at home. But, we were ten-plus people over there , communicating, learning Git, and got the oiorest project (and its sister oiorest-rails-example ) onto GitHub.

jacobat told Olle “that certain Rake task” was possible. koppen got mildly excited about Ruby+USB. That excitement abated somewhat when every project we tried to compile was broken… Room for improvement.

April 29

Ola and Isak worked on a wiki (in Python). Olle browsed for search projects in Python, and found Grassyknoll . Fredrik was working on marking photographs with metadata, according to some obscure standard.

April 15

Ola, David, and Emil (+1). Talked about Python hacking.

April 1

Ola, Olle, Kristoffer: Try to compile a Python extension using SWIG. The audio/video converter capabilities of ffmpeg was the thing to librarify. We got it compiling, and before that, we learnt a lot about the ways in which to create Python extensions. Up next is making it usable and useful.

David: Making WURFL work with Zend Framework.

Mark: Demo’d Xopus – the commercial in-browser XML editor he’s been working on.

March 18

Isak: Mac hacking on music/synth project.

Fredrik: Unixing.

Olle and Ola and Christoffer: Just lots of talk, here is a minor log.

Details and things talked about

Clisp Weblocks

Ola: “still) using darcs.” Continuations: JETTY (Side-track: Stackless Py. Nowadays PyPy mode:stackless.)

korundum / KDE 3.4.92

Iowa – get a NEW website already, people. Originally Iowa was written by Avi Bryant (!), then resurrected, and rebranded by whyhaines. Seaside looks good these days.

Codepad has lotsa jails, BSD-stuff, and “virts” to make safe their mad magic.

Then we talked about AS3.0, and Flex 3 SDK is now open and out.

CGI Haskell — “Jag har inte greppat.. en grej där.” Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another. Shizzle! QuickCheck (hs testing library).

March 4

Olle and Ola: Flex-based uploads to a Pylons web ap"Blog post":

Fredrik: Lua/C++ game hacking. Blog post

David: Firefox extension. Blog post

February 19

Olle: Researching PHP’s extension system, mostly mucking about with its autotools setup.

Fredrik: Lua scripting and C++ (Allegro game framework).

David: Mobile phone hacking with Python.

Other groups in the area

There are several hacker-oriented gatherings around Malmö, this is a non-exhaustive list:

Upcoming Events

Events in iCal format.

This meetup is just a tiny part of the Open Source-related activity in the Oresund region. If you organize anything that might interest this kind of crowd, let us know and we'll advertise it here.

The events are free and open. We only kindly ask that you tell us you're coming.